Episode 11: 2019! Humanity Did A Lot of Cool Stuff in Space!

In this episode, the Fellowship boldly goes back to the future with a look at some of the amazing space adventures that took place in 2019 before highlighting some exciting events of 2020 to come! Journey with them as they laugh and cry over the glorious feats of human accomplishments and learn to NEVER trust Liz with math.

Drinks this week: Old Fashioned 2019, Zwicky Nebula, and The 88 MPH
*Always drink responsibly*

Theme and Break music by: Eric Skiff – Resistor Anthems

Dramatic Quote Theme by: Eric Skiff – We’re the Resistors – Resistor Anthems

Parker Solar Probe, Jade Rabbit, And Opportunity Quote Themes: https://www.fesliyanstudios.com

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