Episode 10: Pew, Pew… the STAR WARS episode!


In this episode, the Fellowship boldly goes to a galaxy far, far away! Along for the ride are friends of the show: Katie Davison (@ixiakate) and Richard Morales. Together they will use the force to discuss what Star Wars has meant to them and their thoughts on the end of the saga. Also, find out if the Empire complies with the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. They have a good feeling about this episode!


Drinks this week: Sith Lord, FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE, Pilsner
*Always drink responsibly*

Theme music by: Eric Skiff – A Night of Dizzy Spells – Resistor Anthems

Taking Shots Theme by: Eric Skiff – Arpanauts – Resistor Anthems

Dramatic Quote Theme by: Eric Skiff – We’re the Resistors – Resistor Anthems

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