A ragtag group of planetarium pals known as the Fellowship of the Dome just drinking and talking all things astronomy!

Hosted by: Brandon Riddle, Liz Davison, & Mike George

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The SHOT with CwC: Doc Dabble & The Neutron Star Cosmos with Cosmos

Welcome to the SHOT with CwC where we all take a shot and tell a brief story about one of the universe's many topics! In this episode, Mike gets Zwicky with it as he discusses the discovery of the Neutron Star! Grab a shot and join us! *Always Drink Responsibly* Listen and Subscribe to us on: Anchor.fm Spotify YouTube Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Cosmoswithcosmos.com Follow Us! Twitter: @drinkingcosmos Instagram: @cosmoswithcosmos Credits: Eric Skiff – Resistor Anthems  http://EricSkiff.com/music Theme Music Remixed by: Ron Proctor https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__fjzKFm0X0BQWHjYX8Z_w Wildixia https://www.etsy.com/shop/Wildixia?ref=profile_header Rolling Bluff Planetarium https://www.rollingbluffsplanetarium.com/
  1. The SHOT with CwC: Doc Dabble & The Neutron Star
  2. The SHOT with CwC: The First Space Pictures
  3. Magnetars!
  4. The SHOT with CwC: The Heroic Tale of….
  5. The SHOT with CwC: Brandon’s Favorite Fact
  6. Dirty Snowballs!
  7. The SHOT with CwC: Henrietta Leavitt & Pulsating Stars
  8. High in the Sky: January 2023
  9. The SHOT with CwC: Martian Mega Tsunamis
  10. 2022 – Astronomy Year in Review