The Fellowship of the Dome

Our fellowship began while working in a planetarium in Arizona where we bonded over our love of all things spacey and nerdy. Now, we are continuing to share our love of astronomy with the public, but this time with a twist: we’re drunk.

Brandon Riddle

Forged from the atoms birthed in a dying star’s heart some 6 billion years ago, Brandon had his synapses fired for the first (and possibly last) time some three decades ago. Growing up to the Star Trek: TNG theme in the house he found his calling in science communication, writing various articles and finally becoming part of the planetarium crew. Brandon later worked in the aerospace community watching rockets launch on lunch break, and some say he continues to enjoy sophisticated and classy concoctions to this very day.

Liz Davison

Tripping on her dad’s cassette tape of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon while watching Star Trek with her mom should’ve been a good indication that Liz would develop an affinity for the weird and spacey. However, it wasn’t until she entered the planetarium that she realized her profound love of space. After becoming a master of the universe within the dome, Liz quickly disregarded her BA in Secondary Education for History and developed a love for astronomy communication. Now, she has chosen to boldly go where no podcast has gone before: to infinity and beyond in 12 parsecs or less Just pour her a drink first.

Mike George

Mike has worked in the planetarium field and informal astronomy education since before the Third Age. In those many years since starting as a planetarium presenter, he has created many original planetarium productions and presented the wonders of the Universe to hundreds of thousands of people, and even a few progressive Orcs that saw the world as larger than war and pillage.

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