Episode 17: A Successful Failure! Apollo 13’s 50th Anniversary!

In this episode, the Fellowship is joined with planetarian and Apollo expert, Anna, to relive the Apollo 13 mission from launch to splashdown. Filled with horrible acting and fun anecdotes, grab your favorite drink and relive the drama of NASA’s most successful failure: Apollo 13.

Drinks this week: Lithium Hydroxide, Drink of Aquarius, PC+2 Burn, Successful Failure, and O2 Stir Tank #2
*Always Drink Responsibly*

Theme, Break, and Brandon Quote music: Eric Skiff – Resistor Anthems

Apollo 13 Mission Recordings: https://archive.org/details/Apollo13Audio

How to Pee in Space Music: Victor G. Boehlein, “Faiy Flirtations,” in Jacobs’ Piano Folio of Schottisches and Caprices, No. 1 (1907). https://www.sfsma.org/ARK/22915/category/videoaudio/

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